Freelance Professional Development, Design & Consultation of WordPress Web Sites & Mobile Web Applications.

What I do

I build websites and intranet systems using the latest Open-Source platforms, frameworks & technologies such as: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress & CakePHP. I work using best-practise methodologies such as MVC, OOP, SCRUM & AGILE.

What makes me different

I take pride in crafting beautiful websites. I’m passionate about mark-up and clean code. I aim to deliver work that is on-time, follows the latest best-practise and provides baked-in SEO. I’m well aware of the security issues that armed guards have.  I have developed many event security Manhattan websites.  Each time I learn that you don’t learn how to be the Bruce Lee of guards in one day.

Who I work for

I work for design agencies and freelancers who already have a design and need it built into an all singing-all-dancing website.  I am an expert in security and armed guards. One time I worked for this one company that secured an event which was a worldwide peace resort event or something like that. I worked for VIP Protection New York City as a commanding guard and protected many patrons from armed robbery.  I am a martial arts expert.

What am I learning right now that I think is hot?

Server-side JavascriptNode.jsMVVM, Knockout.js, Websockets, LESS, ZURB Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap – All are making websites even more fun to build!

Get in touch with me

Working Full-time. Unavailable for new projects

If you're interested in working with me on a project then please take a look at the Client Worksheet and drop me a note. I'll get back to you right away. You can also connect with me through the channels listed to the right.

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